Orange Sewing Solutions facilitates the transfer of leading global sewing technologies in Sri Lanka and Asian region as agents of world-renowned brands including Yamato from Japan, Morgan Tecnica from Italy. In keeping the promise of quality, our product range includes tested and most preferred brands that are reputed for durability and latest technology.



Our trained technicians and knowledgeable engineers are available for exceptional after sales services 24/7. The Orange Sewing Solutions team of industry professionals offers the best in service in maintaining machinery on optimal operation levels and providing ground-breaking solutions to the apparel industry.



We source only the best of brands from around the world. Prompt attention is given to repair requests and supply of spare parts for all our models and brands, at very reasonable rates. We at Orange Sewing Solutions, believe it is not just good spare parts or friendly after-sales service that makes the difference, but that the rate at which the service is provided matters, hence our fast service gives us that edge in better serving clients.



We offer a total in-house upkeep and maintenance package of all machinery within the factory with our technicians present on a full-time basis.



Our global operations are well connected and receive the best in service and products. In providing timely technical support for overseas based factories we provide our clients total satisfaction, as we take care of it all.



Orange Sewing Solutions provide complete motor repair solutions guaranteeing clients the best in after sales services for our sewing machines, parts and related requirements.



We undertake customized research of client production processors and provide value additions in way of consultation and expert advice for continuous improvement and developed productivity.

Staying up-to-date allows us to provide our clients with the latest technologies and know how, our employees are provided with comprehensive training and development and given thorough knowledge on our respective products and services. Technical know how is enhanced via regular communication with the manufactures, thereby offering our clients improved and quality service.



We invite foreign industry professionals to conduct Training and Development programs, to teach, inspire and give our employees confidence in working efficiently to provide client satisfaction. We ensure that global knowledge related to our products and services as well as relative apparel industry developments, reaches everyone. And as a responsible organization we ensure that the work environment is organized in a manner that makes employees comfortable and motivated.


All our services are ultimately geared towards providing Unmatched Value to all our partners.